Saturday, December 1, 2007

We meet Lilly TODAY!

Hi Everyone,
I don't have much time this morning to write but I wanted to post something brief to let you know we are here safe and sound. The flights went smoothly and we are not experiencing any culture shock or jet lag. We love China. The people are so kind and generous and the attention to detail is amazing. Our adoption agency, Children's Hope International does and outstanding job. Our every need is met and there is someone here all the time to help us and teach us about China. We are so grateful for that. Yesterday we went to the Great Wall, TianAnMen Square and the Forbidden City. We also had Peking Duck for lunch. Our guide Dennis is from China and he chose an American name so it would be easier for families. He chose Dennis because he liked Dennis the Menace. He is one of the kindest human beings we have ever encountered. He will remain in our hearts forever. The other families are so wonderful and we are already forming deep bonds. Eleven of those families will be traveling with us to Jiangxi this morning and out of those families five others have daughters in the same orphange as Lilly. We will be meeting her later today. When it is Sunday morning for you we will already have her with us. We are twelve hours ahead of you. We are flying to Nanchang and checking into our hotel and then traveling to the local adoption center where they will bring the babies to us. I can hardly believe this day is here. It is very surreal. Sharlyn and I went to the grocery store last night to buy diapers and formula. That was quite the experience. Imagine the business of Wegmans times 20. It was crazy in there and it was almost 10pm. Sharlyn and Scott are having their morning coffee downstairs and I am waiting for the bellboy to pick up our luggage for the flight. The breakfast buffet is unlike anything you have ever seen. The food is what we are used to but better along with tradtional Chinese breakfast. It is displayed with such care and there are many choices. It is delicious. Out luggage just got picked up so I will head down for breakfast and try to write again tonight or tomorrow. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

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