Sunday, December 9, 2007

Nighty Night

Well.......little Miss Lilly has just had her dinner and the photos are of her getting ready for bed. She had potatoes, baked salmon, broccoli and fresh bread. She washed it all down with a little Evian water. Not bad for a baby. She loved it all and so far has loved all food we have given her. We went to a restaurant in the hotel tonight. We had the best meal. We paid more money for it than we paid for all of our meals combined in Nanchang. We could eat for three people and only pay $7. But.......finally tonight a meal that belongs in our bellies. It was delicious. We are still missing Scott and wish he could have stayed here in this city and experience everything with us. Molly's baby is doing much better. She ended up staying in the hospital in Nanchang for two days. Pretty scary for Molly and her mother. Hospitals in China are a little behind what we are used to. She had a really bad blister on her thumb that turned out to be an infection and she had been sucking on her thumb and the toxins went in pretty quickly. She wound up with the red line up her arm. They put her on IV antibiotics and she is now here with us in Guangzhou. She lost some skin on her thumb to the point where she may need a little surgery to repair it. Out of everyone we have met Molly and her mother Claire will be friends for life. Chloe and Lilly were in the same orphanage and they have very similar personalities and spirits. They are sisters of the heart and we already call Claire Grandma. You can't have too many of those. Molly lives in Nashville and Claire lives in Texas. I am sure their will be many plane rides and car trips for all of us in the future. It seems like they may have had their cribs next to each other as they seem to have a very deep bond. Tomorrow we will have the medical exams for all the babies and then shopping on Shamian Island. After that there will be a traditional photo at the White Swan Hotel with all the babies. Normally families stay at that hotel but it is under some renovations so we are here instead. When I post pictures of this place you will understand why we are fine with the change. This place is so beautiful and we are treated so well. Lilly has fallen asleep on the floor while I am typing this. That is a first. She is cozy in her jammies and she was playing on her blanket on the floor. Falling asleep as been kind of hard for her so this is a big deal. I can't wait for each of you to meet Lilly. She has a special kind of magic. She cracks us up all the time. I have never been around such a funny baby. She is totally impressed with every new thing she does and makes this sort of hmmmph sound as if to see .....there, I mastered that now what else can I do. She has gone from barely being able to sit up 7 days ago to sitting up like a pro. She couldn't roll over and now she rolls over and over and over. She even tries to sit up from a lying down position. She eats everything we feed her and actually seems chubby compared to a week ago. She was beautiful the moment we saw her but there is a sparkle in her eye that was not there before. We are on the verge of joyous tears all the time. What a blessing.
We are in total bliss.
Good night and sleep tight,

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