Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lilly gets a haircut

Hi everyone!
The first two pictures here are of Lilly getting her haircut. While her big sister was getting her hair cut Lilly rearranged the shampoo bottles and then laid down on the floor to wait her turn. She doesn't seem to think public spaces are any different than home. After raising three older children I find I am more amused by these things and far less interested in people thinking I am a great mom with a perfect child. As long as she is not out of control or hurting others I just love to watch how she thinks and moves in the world. She sat so still when Emily cut her hair. She seemed to know without us even telling her. She gets such a serious look on her face. The other photo is of her playing with a little girl she met at the Star Cafe' in Cape May. Lilly loves other children and squeals loudly with delight whenever she sees another baby or small child. Sometimes the other kids just look at her like she is crazy. She is so social and thinks it is her job to greet everyone who comes within her "area". She is still a little comedian and cracks us up all of the time. Soon we will look into some type of preschool so she can start making some friends. I feel that she is totally safe and secure and knows who her family is. She is blossoming in every possible way. She is beautiful, smart, spirited and generous with her affection. I see that God chooses the perfect baby for your family no matter how they arrive. I give thanks for that each and every day.
Happy September!
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