Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day at Wegman's

Yesterday afternoon I was getting groceries and when I walked in I noticed the sound of bagpipes. It seemed too clear and too loud to be coming from the radio. I got my cart and headed for the produce area and sure enough...this is what I see. A real live bagpipe player and to top that they were giving away samples of Irish beer. This grocery store is phenomenal. Their customer service is extraordinary. If it is raining they have people follow you out to your car holding umbrellas for you so you can get your groceries and yourself into the car and stay as dry as possible.
They have ready to eat food that surpasses most restuarants. They have excellent produce. A huge selection of just about everything. If you are looking for any type of ethnic food then just head to Wegman's.
They have a coffee shop, gelato, sushi, pasta bar, burrito bar, Chinese food, Indian food, soup, subs, pizza. If you want fresh seafood you can pick it from the case and they will cook it for you on the spot. Oh and the bread............don't even get me started on the bread......D.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.
 Wegman's is not a grocery store it is an experience. Occasionally, I will shop somewhere else but whenever I do I am always reminded that getting groceries is actually a chore. Wegman's makes it so enjoyable.
When I think about leaving the area (which I do, frequently) I think about how much I would miss Wegmans'.
Isn't that funny? Does anyone else have a grocery store this amazing? A grocery store so wonderful that you wonder if you should move? That says alot doesn't it? 
I wouldn't normally blog about groceries but seriously, how can I not?
Bagpipes, Beer and Groceries on a Thrusday afternoon?
It just feels so thoughtful, so unique and it makes me want to sing their praises.
Plus, my roots are Irish so I feel extra special....being Irish just feels so special doesn't it?
Thanks Wegman' are simply the best of the best.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


On our recent trip to Florida my in-laws took the girls and I to Gator-rama.
We had a great time and learned alot.
They have always been so good about educating our children about animals and nature.
I really appreciate that about them. When our older kids were little my mother-in-law use to take the little bug or wildflower guide outside and teach them what was what. They were always all ears and loved spending this time with Grandma. She chose teaching for her career and it was a great fit because she has always been a teacher at heart.
Now....look at the face of the man about to hand me the alligator.....that is the look of a man who is about to scare someone. And that he did....just as he placed the alligator into my hands he jumped and made a big 'rah' sound and of course I jumped out of my skin.
I told him later that it was too bad my husband and teenage sons missed that moment because they love to scare me. He said that he tries to scare one person like that every day and today was my day.
Lucky me.

Thank God for tape....they are not slimy....they are very solid feeling and kind of dry....
and smooth and rough at the same time.

Lilly was feeling uncertain.....

Feeling proud of herself.

She was also feeling grateful for the tape on his mouth right about now.

Even big sister Heidi decided to join in the fun.
Stay tuned for more photos and stories of our adventures in the sunshine state!
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