Monday, December 10, 2007

The Red Couch Photo better know as the Crying Baby photo!

A quick rundown of the photos. Of course the first one is Lilly and Mommy. The next one is our friend Molly with Chloe and Grandma Claire. Chloe is the one that has been so sick. She is doing much better now. She and Lilly have a special bond. The next photo is all of the babies from the Yichun orphanage. From left to right: Jennifer with Kaitlin, Kelly with Evie but you can only see the top of Evie's head, Molly with Chloe, Lisa with Shelby, Michelle with Coee and then I am sitting on the floor with Lilly Grace. The next photo is the freak out on the red couch. Lilly is 2nd from the right on the floor. She is looking at Shelby(better known as Lu Lu) and they seem to be conferring as to what they should do about Chloe and Coee who are not quite as calm. The older girl is Madison. She is Shelby's big sister and was adopted from China 4 years ago. She is so sweet and has been an absolute delight to travel with. The last photo may not be an actual bride. We aren't sure - it is possible that it is part of a fashion show but either way it is cool. This is my second post today so make sure and scroll down so you don't miss anything! It means so much to me to hear about all the people who are supporting us at home by following this blog. It makes us feel connected. Scott is home safe and sound now and we leave on Thursday morning. Airport to airport will be almost 24 hours. That makes me want to go straight to bed right now - I think I will.
More tomorrow when the adventure continues -
Here is a little side note that is kind of funny. Almost every baby from the families that we traveled to Jiangxi with has named their daughters with a name that ends with an e sound - either with an e, i or y. They are: Lilly, Chloe, Coee, Shelby, Lexi, Krissy, Emmie and Evie.
The exceptions are Kaitlin, Adeline and Bella. We just thought that was interesting. We love these families so much and are already talking about a yearly gathering so we can watch these powerful girls grow up.

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