Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Still more to show and tell

Hello again,
I wanted to share some more photos with you. The first one is a picture Scott took when he walked down to the river on Tuesday. We thought he had quite the photojournalistic eye. The one of Sharlyn and Lilly and myself is near our hotel on the way to dinner. That night our dinner was 49 yuan for all three of us, this is about $7 USD and then we came back to the hotel and got some Haagen Daaz Ice Cream which was 58 yuan or around $8 USD. After that Sharlyn and Scott paid $6 for coffee. We figured that if dinner for four was only $7 then we could pay that much for ice cream and coffee - bringing our total expense for the night to $21 - not bad. The picture of Lilly with the waitress is where we ate the dinner. She is the one that just scooped Lilly right out of my arms. It is amazing how we find ways to communicate with people when we don't share the same language. We are finding the people to be very kind and generous and they love babies. The one thing that is very different here is that they dress babies in many, many heavy layers and no matter how much we layer Lilly, people will come up to us on the street and start peeling back her clothes and feeling her hands to make sure she is warm enough. They do this to all the babies and they must think Americans freeze their babies. We layer Lilly a lot but none of our clothing has the thickness or bulk that their children wear. It is interesting to watch how people have no problem checking out the babies out of love and concern. We just smile and say she -ay she-ay (thank you). We are looking forward to leaving Nancheng on Saturday morning. This is the capital city of Jiangxi and it is very dirty and a little depressing. We don't like to venture out to much and the food is pretty questionable (braised frog for dinner last night). We are waiting for Lilly's passport to be processed - that is why we are in this city. We wish we were in Yichun where Lilly's orphanage is - much cleaner and it looked like we would do a lot of walking around there. I gave you the wrong pronounciation of Yichun last night - I know how to say it - I guess I was just tired. It is
eeesh-wan. We were happy to find that Lilly was born in a more remote village. The countryside is very beautiful with lots of gardens and interesting irrigation systems. We really enjoyed seeing all of that. Today we are going to the Teng Wang Pavillion which is right near our hotel. It was built in 653 in the Tang Era. It was immortalized by the poet Tang Bo and there have been about 26 versions of it built since then. It is 197 feet tall and is built in the Southern Song style. Sometimes they hold performances of song and dance there. Tomorrow we will go to a traditional village and also to shop for porcelain. This province is where the first porcelain came from and of course we call it "China" because of where it came from. The post office will not ship it so if we buy any it will have to be very small. We may buy another suitcase to check on the plane for items that we buy. So far we have not bought anything. The exchange rate is definitely in our favor so hopefully we will get some interesting things when we fly to Guangzhou (say Gwan-joe) on Saturday. That is where we will take Lilly's passport and get her visa and her medical exams. We will also take an oath at the consulate and have a farewell dinner. The other photos are of Lilly already going Hollywood with my sunglasses and also a picture of the cribs where she slept in the orphanage. Pray for those babies please. Lilly is blessing us with her powerful presence every second. Our hearts have broken wide open for this sweet, sweet girl. I cannot wait for all of you to meet her. The pictures only tell part of the story.
Kimberly and crew

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