Thursday, December 6, 2007

More Pictures for your Viewing Pleasure

Hi again,
Two posts in one day! Lilly is napping and I thought I would add some more pictures. I imagine it is fun every time you check the blog and there is something new. We can feel support coming from across the ocean and we appreciate it so much. The photo of the dragon like creature was part of a building at the Forbidden City. The picture of Scott with his new friend is at the Great Wall. We had heard that sometimes people here will want photos of you or with you. They are fascinated by bigger noses is what I have heard and this guy specifically wanted Scott and not Sharlyn and I and his nose is bigger than ours. Pretty funny! The picture of Lilly inspecting something is what she does almost all the time. She is fascinated with small things and very detail oriented. For those of you who understand the learning patterns taught at massage school - she is a total V in the front. Just like her Mama. She has taken this long nap on my lap and I have had no urge to set her down. We are building the trust with her now that you normally build in the early days and weeks of life with your parents. We want her to know we are right here. When she wakes up she will scan the room and check each of our faces as if to say "you are still here??" We always say "We're still here Lilly." Scott is not feeling well at all. No more cheeseburgers for him. He wasn't able to go to the Teng Wang Pavilion so Sharlyn and I went with Lilly and the rest of the families. It is so beautiful there but I can't share photos with you because my camera batteries were dead. Don't worry .... I had more in the room so we are good to go again. Tonight we are going to dinner with Mary (one of the coordinators that works with Dennis) and some other families. We are pretty hungry but so grateful for the snacks we brought from home. The other picture of Lilly is her first taste of ice cream. She was unsure of the cold but once she got a taste she was begging for more. It was of course high quality and very yummy. The picture of the clothes over the bushes is right outside of Lilly's orphanage and that is how they dry them. It just seemed like a photo journalistic moment. Lilly is up now so time to play with the baby. One of Lilly's friends from the same orphanage is at the hospital because she has an infection. Her name is Chloe. Please keep her mother Molly and her Grandmother Claire in your thoughts and prayers as they are very scared and worried. They are wonderful people who will have in our lives forever now. It is very important to us both that the girls stay connected and know that they were together on their journey while they waited for us.

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