Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Tree

I love this picture.......

and....I love Moore's Tree Farm...we have been going here since Heidi was the age Lilly is now.
They are so nice there and have thought of every detail to make the experience easy and enjoyable.

Lilly takes the "I can do it myself" attitude to a whole new level.

This tree was H.E.A.V.Y.

Time to shake the needles and wrap the tree....all included in the price of the tree.
Now that you have seen the Halloween costume and the tree search I can share Christmas Day before New Years Day.........IF I remember where I put the cord to my camera to upload the pictures.
I vow to create a system for all of the cords in my life for 2011.
This is no easy task....6 cell phones, camera, laptops, video cameras...... you hear that???
I think it is the sound of my Grandmother laughing at me.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Halloween before Christmas

I have missed this blog. I have missed writing everyday. I have missed sharing my life with those I know and those I don't. I have missed taking lots of pictures. I can't go back and share every little moment since I stopped blogging regularly but I thought it was important to show off my Halloween Dragonfly before I share about our Christmas celebration. Isn't she adorable????? She is so joyful and excited about everything and it makes our lives so rich and delightful. Thank you Lilly for being perfectly you.

I am having a lightbulb moment about my life right now and it is exciting, a little shocking and incredibly comforting.

There are reasons I have been away and reasons why I am back. I may share those reasons at a later date but for now just know that......

I AM BACK AND I AM HERE TO STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Feeling nostalgic

Nostalgia is a funny thing isn' t it? Of course I don't want to really go back because that would mean I wouldn't have had the blessing of being Lilly's mom for the past three years but sometimes I long for those precious moments and I wish I could repeat them just one more time. Flying so far from all that we know and love...including our three children, stepping off a bus and into a hotel feeling like my head would spin right off, meeting the other families who were adopting at the same time, going to such ancient places as the Forbidden City and The Great Wall......and then.......being handed THE most precious gift. Our daughter. It was a moment that took our breath away and still does when we recall that moment. It is beyond description. I find myself at a loss to describe it in a way that anyone would really understand. I am so blessed. So blessed. I know we have another daughter out there and I pray for way to be made.
Lilly wants to name her sister Daisy. My big kids think it would be weird to have all their little sisters named after flowers. I personally think it is adorable. Lilly is pretty good at getting what she wants so Daisy it is!
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