Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our "Home" in Nanchang last week

The above photos are of our hotel in Nanchang. Just your basic hotel. It was clean and we were not unhappy with it at all. Do not try to wash your screen that was the view out the windows. A bit dirty you might say. The view was not great so it wasn't too bothersome. The weather was very gray and dismal the whole time we were there. It made upstate New York in winter look sunshiney and bright. It will always be special in our minds because it was our first home with Lilly. The other photo is obvious - another adorable picture of Lilly with her new hat. We had to confirm our flights today and we could not figure out the phone at all so Dennis had to come help us. He stayed in our room quite a while and we gave him the Ithaca is Gorges t-shirt - he is trying to collect t-shirts from all 50 states. He put it on right over his clothes and we took pictures of him and Lilly. We got video of him playing with her. He is the sweetest man. He calls Lilly serioius girl and he keeps asking us if he could keep her. Now that he has spent more time with her he is calling her serious, gorgeous, smart girl. He thinks she should get a PhD in eating because she is such a little piggy. He heard us say we had to go to the store and asked us if we wanted to go with him. Thank God he led the way because it was farther then we thought and not easy to find. We bought some snacks for the plane, some baby wipes and also some formula and bottled water. It was really fun and I got some great video of the store. We also went to the pharmacy and bought some baby tylenol. The pharmacy is so small that we were in there with Dennis and when another customer came in Sharlyn and I had to step outside so she could come in. It was HOT here today. When we got back from the store we went out to dinner to a yummy Italian restaurant - not compared to home but yummy for here. We even had bread with olive oil. You would have thought we died and went to heaven. Our new friend Chris went with us - his in-laws stayed with his new daughter Emmie. His wife is home with their son and her parents came along to help. Their names are Frank and Jane. Frank tries to speak Mandarin but Chris wishes he wouldn't. They are both close to 80 and they go out on their own and explore everything. Frank especially will take off for hours and check out the city. They are both very sweet. Grandparents of the year is what we call them. Dennis told us tonight that this was a very different group than most. He said the babies will often cry for days on end as they grieve for their foster home or their orphanage. Not these babies. They have had their moments but for the most part they are all so happy and we just feel like we are on vacation. Going shopping, out to dinner - we are having a blast. Dennis said he has never seen this before and we are special but weird. He is so funny - a very dry humor. We laughed hard at dinner and really enjoyed ourselves. We are going back to Shaiman Island tomorrow for one last hurrah and then we go to the American Consulate in the afternoon to pick up the baby's visas for their trip home. We hope to go out to dinner as a group tomorrow. I am going to be very sad to leave this place and these people. It will be very bitter sweet. Lilly is fussing and needs to go to bed. I will post photos of the hotel we are staying at either later tonight or in the morning. Get ready to be jealous.
Love to all,

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