Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More pictures of our home in Guangzhou

The first two pictures are of the lobby. It is so beautiful. That gold you see on the wall is so pretty and spans at least 200 ft. The lobby is huge and it really is stunning. There is no way to show it in the pictures and do it justice. The Toshiba building is what I am looking at right now. The windows are a bit cleaner in this hotel than they were in Nanchang. Scroll down to remind yourself of how gross the windows were there and how dismal the view was. The picture of the bathtub shows the glass wall between the bathroom and the bedroom. You can see a shade on the upper part of the photo. That would be the remote control shade so you can have more privacy if you desire or you can leave it up and watch the flat screen tv while you soak in the tub. You can even control the volume from the bathroom. It is really rough here but we are trying to make it through. When we first got here on Saturday they escorted us into a private bar area and served us these delicious fruit drinks and checked us in seperately from the other guests. We came into our room and were just thrilled to see such a clean floor where we could put Lilly down and not be afraid to sit. After about 10 minutes someone knocked on the door and it was room service with a complimentary plate of fresh fruit. It tasted so good - it is amazing the gratitude level we feel for such simple things. It gives our lives at home a whole new perspective. And of course......what blog entry would be complete without a picture of the Empress. After we took our oath at the American Consulate today we came back and went to dinner with most of our group. It was nice to be together one last time. We had some tears and lots of promises to keep in touch. We have thoroughly enjoyed every family. We are now calling ourselves the special group. Dennis said so. I am ready to come home now. I never like the night before leaving on a big trip. The anxiety is too much. I just want to get on the plane now. We won't actually leave China until 7pm tomorrow night. We fly with Dennis to Beijing tomorrow at noon and then have a five hour layover. We leave Beijing and go to DC where we make a connection to Syracuse. We will arrive in Syracuse around 11pm on Thursday night. Our bodies will already think it is lunchtime on Friday because that is what it will be in China. We lose time going back which is kind of weird. I am getting very sleepy which is good. I need to get really tired in order to not think about long airplanes with a tiny baby.

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