Friday, November 20, 2009

This is Lilly's high chair which I LOVE.
She is a big girl now and sits at the table.
I can't wait to see our next daughter eat her meals in this sweet chair.
I really love being a mother, it is such a blessing and a privilege.
I take delight in something as simple as folding Lilly's little clothes or watching her focus intently on her sticker book or when she hears music and says "Mama, dance."
Her latest thing is noticing how many people are in public places.
She says "lots of peoples mama", not sure why this makes my heart soar but it does.
She just climbed onto my lap as I type this, book in hand and said
"ead mama" - translation: Read mama
So I guess this means goodnight to you all.
Sleep tight wherever you are.

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