Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Hero Lydia

She did it!!!!
Lydia's faith was so strong that in 8 days she raised $26,550!!!!!!!!!!!!! They only need $20,000 to adopt Darya and they have friends who have delayed adopting because of lack of more! Anything over the $20,000 goes to their friends so they too can adopt a baby.
I was obsessed with checking their blog to see if Lydia did indeed get her Thanksgiving miracle.
Can you imagine the joy in that house tonight???
What a wonderful Thanksgiving that I will always remember.
Sleep tight Darya, Mommy and Daddy are soon on their way to bring you home FOREVER.

1 comment:

The Young Family said...

You aren't supposed to make me cry on Thanksgiving morning! PRAISE JESUS! This is so exciting!!!!

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