Thursday, November 12, 2009

How I Decorate

When I want to decorate I first have to be inspired.
Luckily, inspiration is found anywhere.
 I have to fall in love with something and the
process goes from there.
I could fall in love with a comforter, couch, curtain,
paint sample and then the rest unfolds quite easily.
I "build" the room from the first feeling that this item gave me.
If I don't love it I don't buy it.
This cuts down on wasteful items, wasteful spending and
creates a room filled with only the things that I truly love.
This seems only fitting since the people and pets that I love will live in these rooms.
That should help explain why I am posting a picture of a bracelet here.
I have fallen in love with the way this bracelet makes me FEEL.

The floor plan in our new house is very open
 in the main living area.
It is framed in such a way that each room is clearly defined yet
completely open to the other rooms.
This is perfect for the way I like to live.
I love to be part of what is happening and a home where
 I was isolated in the kitchen would be depressing
and lonely for me.
As most moms do, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.
Thankfully, I love to prepare meals
 for my family and cooking is something I really enjoy.
So, back to the decorating.....I envisioned each room
 having it's own feeling
 yet flowing easily into the next room.
I like a cottage style kitchen and
want light cupboards with vintagey blue walls,
soapstone countertops,
my old (and very large) pepsi sign, a very cool old bench that came from somewhere in Europe and dashes of red here and there. The kitchen will not be done when we move in
but I can see the end result
in my mind and will work steadily towards that.
 For the living room I want to feel cozy, cozy and cozy. A place to sink into the couch and read a great book, watch a movie or snuggle in with my husband and kids. I love a couch that swallows me up, lots of pillows, candles and the dog curled up next to a woodstove. Maybe a table in the corner for games and puzzles. I want a soft sage green on the walls, but it can't be too light or too dark. The living room leads to the dining room and when you step in the front door both rooms are right in front of you. I want to paint the dining room walls a very soft yellow, neutral, not sunshiney or daffodil but a yellow that is starting to lean towards the neutrals. But of course it has to be warm and inviting too. I have an old antique table that has lead paint and have been advised that the best thing to do is paint over it and ecapsulate the lead paint. My daughter votes for black, a soft matte black. At first I said no but thinking of the future soapstone counters in the kitchen, this could actually tie the two rooms together very nicely. So....then I started wondering, how in the world am I going to pull this all together. The colors have to feel earthy, but not in that brown, dull, drab way. More in the rich, deep, sensual way. I focus A LOT on the feeling tone I am trying to create when I decorate and color is a huge part of that.
 If the colors are right then the whole room works.

One day I was poking around one of my favorite stores and stumbled upon this bracelet.
And....I fell in love.
All the colors I want, all feeling a bit subdued and smokey but still bold in their own way.
I want my house to feel the way this bracelet makes me feel.
Suddenly it was easy for me to see how I can make this all work. Including the bit of sparkle I  like to add in here and there (see red sparkly beads on the bracelet) I just love me a little bit of sparkle.
Must be the girly girl in me.
I have been living and breathing paint samples all week and have settled on several colors.
I am so excited about this next part.
I have been dreaming of decorating this house before we even broke ground 3 1/2 years ago.
The budget is nearly non-existent at this point so if you are looking for ways to beautify your house on less than a dime, I'm your girl! I started digging out in the garage yesterday and found some dressers and other goodies that will go a long way in creating the look and the feel I want.
This is going to be so much fun!
Stay tuned!

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