Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This is the road to my new house. It makes winter look so pretty....which it is.....if you are inside making soup with a roaring fire. I am not a big fan of being cold and this weather really makes me feel all disconnected and funky. I love opening up the door and being able to go out in bare feet. I love sundresses, I love flip flops and painted toes, I love picnics and outdoor concerts, I love lightening bugs and the 4th of July, I love hot summer nights with the fan on full blast. I love that low steady hum of the
crickets and I love to be warm.

Now refer back to the picture above....does that look warm????

We could move I suppose but I love it here May though December and our family is here.
I am glad my mom is just across town and when I need help with a sewing project I can just drop it off at my mother-in-laws house and she will do it for me. I like that we can walk across the lawn for dinner with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and nephew. I like that my Dad has a workshop on our property and even if I don't see him in person everyday I see his truck and I can keep track of his comings and goings and I know he does the same for me. I love that I can forget my wallet at the grocery store and still take my groceries with me and they trust me to come right back. I love that when Agway (owned by my Uncle) is out of something that I am picking up for the new house there is an old friend in line and he is on his way to another store and offers to pick it up for us and drop it back off and pay for it too (it was only $1.20). I love that I can drive down almost any road and name who lives in many of the houses.
Those are just some of the reasons why I choose to stay in my hometown despite that horrid white stuff.
Do you live in your hometown? If not, are you homesick for it or was moving the best thing you ever did?

Tell me...I want to know!

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