Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Please Do This For the Children of Haiti

Take three minutes and do this.
Go to this page on the Haitian Embassy site and send an email that says:

“We appeal to you to ask the US government to provide immediate humanitarian parole to all orphans in danger in Haiti.

We represent a group who will care for your children as long as necessary or until such a time as repatriation is feasible. We have planes, doctors, care givers and housing."

Copy and paste. It's easy and if we make enough noise then these children will be brought to safety.
It is unacceptable that they survive a massive earthquake only to die because we didn't get to them fast enough. If your house was on fire would you sit and assess the situation for a week before you went into save them OR would you rescue them even if that meant they had only the clothes on their back and make plan B once they were safe? duh

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