Monday, January 4, 2010

Shower Curtains....

I bought a new shower curtain! Even though we are moving soon I just could not stand my bathroom another minute. Can you believe I have had a bathtub without a shower for 10 years??? TEN YEARS!!! I love to take a bath every night but for me a bath is the ultimate in relaxtion. I do NOT like to use it to get clean.
I read that the Japanese people will shower before a bath because they are looking for the spiritual benefits of soaking in water and already being 'cleansed'.
 I agree!
We use to have a little hand held shower like thing and then that broke, and then we were going to remodel, and then we were going to move to Florida, and then we were going to buy a house, and then we were going to build one. So..... we just never got around to turning the tub into a shower. We did decide to build and that has been a FOUR year project so for all that time we just kept saying, 'well, we are going to move soon so why bother now'....and so here we are still taking a bath. When I find myself grumbling I have learned to focus on how blessed we are to have clean, warm, running water. I have learned a lot in this past decade. You could say I have built a lot of character because the road has been very steep at times. You could also say that I am happy with my character right now and could really use a break from all this personal growth. Somedays I just want to take a shower. There are so many things about this house that are less than what I dream of but at the same time I love this little place that I have raised my family in. These walls are full of good memories. I want to honor that so I have decided to share with you the things that make me happy here. I am not sure if it will take days or weeks but I will post photos and memories here as a way to honor the past decade. Enjoy!

A $19.99 shower curtain has the power to thrill me.
I had the bench, the cupboard, the picture frame.
I painted the canvas with the colors from the shower curtain.

I LOVE matching towels.
Just say no to using beach towels as bath towels.
If you are on a budget, (who isn't) then just buy one towel a week and in just a couple of months you will have matching set! You start your day in the bathroom so you need to make it one or your happy places.

It's all about the love.
I may add more to this painting. I may not.
It took me about 15 minutes.
Buy cheap canvases at the art store and have your kids go to town.
Cheap, meaningful art.
Make sure to paint the base a color that you want and then when the kids paint there is unifying color under it all that is part of your color palette. Make sure to buy the canvases that are stapled to the back, NOT the edge...makes it look so much better.

I have had this for years and I LOVE it! It says 'Mind Your Spirit' at the top and I often need that reminder.
Are you minding your spirit?

I am so glad to have bath toys back in my life.
Thanks Lilly Grace.

My new favorite hand soap. found at Target on the clearance because it is a Christmas scent.
I think pine is a winter scent so plan to smell like a Christmas tree if you wash your hands
at my house in the next 6 months.

See that photo? Those precious faces are now 19, 16 and 15.
My babies are growing up. It goes so fast.
I am so glad to be starting family #2! I never dreamed I would be one
of 'those' people but so grateful that I am!

I found this at a gift shop next to my friend Michele's art gallery.
It cracks me up everytime I read it. No matter how evolved we become there are just some things that women do that men will never get and vica versa. It is supposed to be that way.

I just have to show my 'babies' one more time.
I miss them sometimes.

A little flower just because.
This little remodel cost $19.99 and about two hours of time.
Pretty cute don't you think?

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