Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Still Here....

See me?....I'm in the shadow.......
Just a quick note to say I will be back soon to update you on Lilly's 3rd Birthday celebration.
It was wonderful and I took tons of pictures on my Mom's camera. Now I have to get her
camera connected to my laptop to share those
 photos with all of you.

It has been a busy couple of weeks as we were preparing for the sheetrockers to start this morning at the new house. There is so much to be done and first so many details to organize. When I go into a super productive mode my cousin calls it my jackhammer. I will tell her all that I am doing and
she will say "Time to get your superwoman cape and
your jackhammer out of your purse".
She cracks me up.
To be totally honest the other reason why I haven't been here to jabber about my life
or all the exciting things in it is because my heart is completely broken for the orphans in Haiti.

 I am not the same person I use to be.

I was always compassionate but it wasn't until I held Lilly for the first time and then stepped
inside her orphanage two days later that something inside me was rearranged.
I see things so differently.
I am glad about that but it means living with a heavy heart at times. I have gotten used to the fact
 that I have to make peace with doing what I can do knowing that I can't change the world by myself.
But nothing could have prepared my heart for the tragedy in Haiti.
I feel helpless.
We would take in as many children as would fit into our new house if it was allowed. I know many people who are willing to do the same. We can't. Our hands are tied. Red tape. Laws. Governments. People not even being sure which kids are truly orphaned or just seperated from families. Meanwhile sex traffickers are already there scooping up those precious girls. Again...I feel HELPLESS.
 Yes, I do that every single day many times but I want to do so much more than that.
I want to help God move that mountain between the children and the families who would take
them in for a day, a week, a month or a lifetime but I don't even know where to begin.

So, my day to day life stuff seems so trivial and it seems almost
to gush about my blessings and yet I am so blessed. I see my dreams coming true all
around me. Please join me in giving thanks for all that we have and giving what we can
to anyone who comes into our awareness that needs help. Sometimes those
people are right next door and sometimes they are in another country.

Let us not get hung up on
'us' or 'them' or 'here' or 'there' ....
 let us see humanity in all of it's forms and let us rise up and give what
we can whenever we can to whoever we can.

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