Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I love these two things................

Sharlyn gave me this journal a few months ago (a package of two to be exact - the other one is orange - and I LOVE the color orange) and can I tell you that I love, love, love this journal!!! Sharlyn bought them at Barnes and Noble but you can go directly to the artist's website and buy them too - http://www.jillbliss.com/.
Just the right size for my purse and the perfect place to record random thoughts, ideas, books to buy, music to listen to, quotes I love, to-do lists, grocery lists............pretty much anything. The paper inside is teeny tiny graph paper and I love how it keeps my writing looking so tidy and organized. And the pen, oh the pen....or should I say marker. I love ZIG markers, they are archival quality and come in a zillion colors. One end is a fine tip and the other is thick like a sharpie, but more rounded then the sharpie tip. I have used this brand of markers for years and absolutely love them. I don't just use them for art projects. At any given time you will find several colors of these great markers floating around in my house, purse and car. I balance my checkbook with them, write notes and of course fill the pages of my jill bliss journals. I buy them at Michael's craft store as well as AC Moore and sometimes even Target.
I can see some of you grabbing your keys and purse right now, hollering to the kids and hubby....
"I'll be right back."
You're gonna love 'em!

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