Friday, October 30, 2009

How can I take this picture of feet and turn it into a post about marriage?

It's a funny thing really, sometimes when I want to write a post I don't always know what I might say. I just feel an urge to write. It will help me sometimes to look at my photos and suddenly one will stand out. I may not know even then what I will write about. I just know this picture is the right one and it is a mystery where the image will lead me. Other times the picture will immediately produce a topic and that is why I choose it. And of course sometimes the reverse is true, I know what I want to write about and then search for an image that feels relevant.
 believe it or not this photo of Scott and Lilly's feet made me think about my marriage.
Weird, I know.

It is a wild and twisty place in that brain of mine.
I wish I could organize my mind as easily as I can organize a closet or cupboard.
I digress......
so for reasons I don't understand this picture made me think about one of the reasons I love being married.
Here it is:
I love that there is one other person in the world who loves my children as much as me and that I am married to that person. This makes me extraordiarily happy. Let's face it, marriage is not always easy. We have our ups and downs like everyone does. And during some of the down times all it takes for me to remember the love is to watch a loving  exchange between one of the kids and Scott. My heart beats a little faster and I can feel myself falling deeper in love with the same man who sometimes makes me want to poke my eyes out with sharp sticks.
It's true, I sometimes feel this way.
It's my blog and I'll tell the truth if I want to. :)
This photo was on vacation this summer when we took Lilly to her first official reunion with her Chinese "sisters", the girls she use to live with at the orphanage. Scott and Lilly were  taking a leisurely stroll and I was walking just a bit ahead. I had been inspired by my friend Michelle to take a picture of feet so that is how this picture came to be.
It makes me smile.
Her little feet just beginning her journey and his approaching the half way mark in life.
Simple and sweet.
A little girl and the Daddy she loves and trusts so much.
Sharing this love for our children is one of the great joys of not only marriage, but life itself.
So that my friends, is how I can take a picture of feet and turn it into a story about marriage.

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