Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I am sooooooo happy!

Wow! Who knew that all I needed to feel a renewed sense of purpose was to pick up the story where I left off. For me there is no other story, just this one. The story of Lilly, how she was born in my mind suddenly and without warning, how we waited three very long years, how we flew across the ocean to meet her and bring her home and become part of our family. It was after we got her referral that the bigger vision showed itself to Sharlyn and I. Although it may seem that we gave up on the idea of serving orphans....REST ASSURED THAT WE HAVE NOT GIVEN UP NOR WILL WE EVER, EVER, EVER GIVE UP. We know like we know like we know that this is why we are here. This is what moves us, this is what makes us dig deep inside to find strength we didn't know we had. This is what matters to us more than anything else ~ children. Children being loved, children being safe, fed, read to and  tucked in safely each night.
So with that thought I must run out and scoop up the Lilly Bean from her morning at pre-school.

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Sparkz said...

What a great post! She is wonderful!

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