Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lilly on Easter

If this baby gets any cuter I am going to have to call the cute police. Lilly enjoyed her day and then we went to dinner at Grandma Nancy's. My Dad came as well as Scott's sister with her husband and son. The food was delicious and Lilly had the most fun putting plastic eggs in and out of the Easter basket. She played with her cousin and ate a very big dinner. She is sound asleep next to me now and now it is my turn to go to sleep. Just thought those that still follow the blog would like to see the most recent photos of this gorgeous child.
God Bless and Happy Easter,

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Carpenters said...

What better than a Lilly at Easter? She is so cute. Thank you for your encouraging comments on our blog. I am so glad that we have decided that I will stay home with the kids. I love being a mom and I couldn't imagine leaving them to go back to work. Gabe is a sweetheart and always so thoughtful and helpful. I do hope we will meet some day around town.

With Love,

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