Monday, March 31, 2008

Lilly loves Dalton

First is the sweet sleeping Lilly this morning. Older brother Greg, better known as the baby whisperer just sits next to her on the couch watching Sesame Street and it's off to dreamland. The next photo is of Dalton (older brother Josh's good friend). Lilly puts her arms out to him the minute she sees him. She just loves him and it is obvious that the feeling is mutual. Some people just have a way with babies. He is very comfortable with her and it makes me really happy to see two 17 year old boys so gaga over a baby. I am feeling very tired so this will be a brief post. I saw a crocus coming up through snow yesterday. I love that! It means winter is loosening its grip and my birthday is almost here. We leave for Arizona, the Grand Canyon and California in 8 days. I packed Lilly's bags today and mine are next. It will feel so good to get the sun into my bones. I dream of living where there is no snow.
Good night,

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