Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So exciting....

See this little girl with her Daddy? The first one is the second day that Lilly met her Daddy and the other is two years later at a friends graduation party playing with their new puppy. Our life is now full of these wonderful simple moments. We get the privelege of seeing life again through the eyes of a child.

Is their anything better than a little girl and her Daddy who adores her?  Or a mother who loves you beyond the sky? Or an entire family who will be there for you ALWAYS and FOREVER?

Keep reading to see how you can help make this happen for more precious children.

It's happening. Not in avalanche style the way I would prefer but it IS indeed happening. We need YOU to open your heart, read the post at
and then donate whatever you can. And I mean WHATEVER. Every single penny matters. The word is spreading and the miracle is in progress. If you are reading this right now then please take the few minutes to go to and read the post there. Then use the Chip In button to the right of the post to make your donation.We will then send you a book and an invite to the private blog. Some people have not been able to make paypal work or don't want to register their credit card or debit card. If that is you then please send me an e-mail and I will give you a regular old snail mail address to get your donation to this project. And if you want to help but need to wait until after the holiday rush then please know that this project doesn't end on December 25. It NEVER ends. The blog will then be moved to another address and we will keep the miracle project alive so PLEASE keep spreading the word.
YOU can make a difference.
YOU can ask your kids to be a part of this and you can read the private blog together as you watch families meet their children for the first time. Your kids can know that they helped to make it happen. Won't that impress something so huge upon their hearts and souls?
YOU could have a bakesale, your kids could shovel snow or you could hold a garage sale. Their are tons of ideas and we need your support, your prayers, your love and most of all ....your ACTION. It is so easy to be moved or inspired and sometimes that ACTION piece is where we falter. My grandmother use to say 'God moves mountains, you better bring a shovel.' So bring your shovel and help God move the mountain between a child and their family.
Thank you so much! Now go to

Merry Christmas!!!!!

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Sharlyn Keegan said...

Kimberly, you are the most amazing mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend I know!!! Your adoring sissy. Thank you for putting your heart towards what we both are passionate about, children. I love you beyond words. Sharlyn

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