Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our Lilly Grace KeXiu - China December 2007

Can you feel the love?

Daddy holding his Lilly

Sharlyn - truest bluest friend and lover of the Lilly Bean

Could we get any happier with this baby chosen for us by God?
The perfect match maker.

Sleeping on Mama's chest.
Home at last.
Lilly was born in our hearts in December 2004....(thank you Lisa Ling and someday I will say that in person and give you a giant hug for inspiring me to take bold and immediate action) 10 months of paperwork and 2 years of waiting after the dossier was turned in and then the call and then the frantic packing and then the 14 hour plane ride and then the other families (a blessing beyond anything I had ever, ever imagined), and then The Forbidden City and then the Great Wall and then the second plane ride
out of seven total flights
and then........................................
Lilly Grace KeXiu was placed in our arms and we fell in love in less then an instant.
She has brought more joy, more love and more laughter than seems possible for one tiny little girl.
People say she is lucky and I feel myself bristle.
It is not lucky to be born to a mother who can't keep you, a mother who has no money and no hope.
A mother who carries you for 9 months and gives birth to you and then wraps you up and places you on the steps of a factory to be found by a worker while she hides nearby and waits
 and watches to see if someone brought you to safety.
A mother who will most likely never recover from this loss.
This is no kind of luck.
Lilly has a story that she will have to find peace
with as she grows up.
There is no way to tell how this early part of her
life will impact her.
But please refrain from using the lucky word.
Scott and I however are blessed, BLESSED and
blessed. Over and over again. Each day, each moment as we have the PRIVELEGE of being her parents.
God chose us for her and her for us and that is something I
fathom at all the time.
Her birth mother's greatest loss is our greatest joy.
I pray for her each day that somewhere in her heart she feels a peace and a knowing that she and I are a team and OUR daughter is thriving and growing and learning and giggling and so, so happy.
She lights up the room with her presence.
She inspires others to adopt with her story.
She is already changing lives and hearts and she is not even three years old.
Imagine what is in store for her.
My sister is adopted and we have always called the day we brought her home her 2nd birthday.
I love that.
So..... Happy Second Birthday Lilly Grace.
Happy Homecoming.
I love you sooooooo much.
You are the bravest person I know.
You are the miracle.

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