Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lilly Celebrates her first Christmas and turns 1 on January 16!

The first photo is the morning we left Guangzhou. From left to right is Elsie, Kimberly, Dennis and Simon and of course Lilly in the stroller. We are in the lobby of our hotel and getting ready to take the ride to the airport. It was very bittersweet leaving everyone and I still miss them, especially Dennis. We are talking about a reunion with the other families that we travelled with and trying to figure out how we can get Dennis over here. Of course one photo is of bathtime and the others are Christmas and her birthday. How cute can this girl get? If she gets any cuter I won't be able to stand it! It looks like Lilly and I will be travelling to Nashville in the near future. Molly and Chloe live there as well as Lisa, Gene, Madison and Shelby. Shelby, Chloe and Lilly were all in the same orphanage. It will do my heart good for Lilly to see her "sisters" and for me to be with my new extended family. The connections are so strong and I never imagined it to be this way. I thought we would meet great people but I really never thought the bond would feel this strong. What a precious surprise. My good friend Ester lives in Nashville as well, so we will be able to see a lot of people that are so dear to us. My sister's baby should arrive on or about February 21 so we will either travel very soon or after my new niece makes her debut. They have already named her Madeline. A great story about that is over the summer I bought an old high chair at a garage style. It is wooden and hand painted and so much more charming than the plastic ones they have now. I bought it for ten dollars and intended to paint it on many different occasions this summer. I never got around to it then Lilly was here and needed a highchair so I washed it up and put her in it even though another baby had their name painted across the back. I just covered it up with a blanket and figured I would paint it sometime after the holidays. On Christmas I showed my Dad the name on the highchair and later that morning he travelled out to be with my sister and her husband. That was the day they decided to reveal the name they had chosen for their new daughter.....Madeline. The name on the high chair?????? Madeline. Now I know why I never did get around to painting it and everyday Lilly eats her meals in a chair with the name of her new cousin. Very sweet and the chair will remain unpainted until Madeline is here safe and sound. Isn't that a great story???
Christmas was quiet and I was honestly glad to have it pass by. It was 12 days after we returned home and I was just getting over a serious case of jet lag. Lilly and I were sleeping such strange hours - somedays we went to bed at 3 in the afternoon and did not get up until 7 or 8 the next morning. We are doing great now and she sleeps straight through the night. Usually from 8 or 9 pm until about 8am. Pretty good! Her naps are a little sporadic. She usually takes two each day but they aren't very predictable yet. We are getting there. This cold weather has really kept us in most of the time and we just snuggle up on the couch and watch HGTV (my favorite). Lilly eats everything and I still haven't found anything she doesn't like. She is such a sweet, sweet girl and everyday she wakes up smiling. Her first birthday was last week and we went out for Chinese with Grandma Nancy and Sharlyn and Lisa and of course Scott and the kids too. Last night we had cake and ice cream and presents at Grandma Nancy's and Dad Dad (my Dad) and Papa and Grandma Ginny (Scott's parents) celebrated with us too. Scott's sister and her husband and their son Gabe also came. Tomorrow we are planning a trip for the weekend to Fredonia to visit our friend Kristie. It will be just Greg and Lilly and I. Heidi will be going with my Mom to visit my sister. I intend to update this blog more often for those of you who want to continue to follow Lilly's story. I am looking forward to many great things in 2008. I hope you are too.

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