Thursday, October 13, 2011

Have you ever walked a llama?

Llamas make me laugh. What a face.
Heidi got the llama that likes to kiss.
Getting ready for a trek. I wish I could wear Hello Kitty polka dot boots and look that cute.
Twins, brothers, clones?
Nope....father and son.
This is where we stopped and ate our snack.
We live in an area that has an abundance of waterfalls.
I always think that is so special.
This is Dawn unpacking our snacks. She and her husband John taught us so much about llamas.
I love to have fun and learn at the same time.
They are both very  kind and generous and we had such a good time.
It is always so inspiring to meet people who are doing something that
they love and are passionate about.
Smile everybody.

I highly recommend visiting John and Dawn and learning about the llamas and taking a trek with them. It was unique, educational and fun.
Are you worried they will spit on you?
You will learn that they rarely do that...mostly to each other.
The llamas are timid and shy but they are not high strung.
After the trek they have a small gift shop with some beautiful photographs and unique jewelery as well as llama related items. We purchased a little llama Christmas tree ornament that Dawn's mother made from fiber from the llamas. I love to have ornaments that remind us of special times. So much more meaningful than anything you can purchase at Target.
Right? Right.
It was so enjoyable and I am so glad we made the time to do this as a family.
It is really important to set aside time to make
memories with your loved ones.
And of course take pictures.
It is the memories that sustain us when all is said and done.

You can learn more about the Bishop family and their llamas here.
Make a reservation today!
You will be glad you did!

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