Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happiness Report coming SOON!!!

I'm here.
I'm happy.
I'm hopeful.
I can feel the magic brewing.
I have decided to share my full happiness report after 48 hours instead of 24.
That would be tomorrow....sometime....who knows I might just shoot for a full 72 hours of happiness.
Watch out people, she's on a roll.....
But for right now I am knee deep in paint samples.
Maybe some people want a blue kitchen and they just go to the store and
choose 3 or 4 samples and pick from those.
Not a chance. I have to pick around 50 (at least).
Then I have to see them in the day light, the natural light, candle light, night light.
Then I have to buy a small sample and paint it
on the wall to be sure.
You have to be sure.
It's a feeling I'm going for.
In this case I have painted huge leftover pieces of sheetrock and put them in the rooms
that may be painted that color.
It may be a sickness. I'm not sure but I KNOW I am not alone.
I find that comforting.
I have so much to say about happiness so please come back
very soon and I will tell you everything.

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