Sunday, November 25, 2007

We meet Lilly one week from today!

Lilly Grace Ke Xiu
Born: Tuesday, January 16,2007
"Tuesday's child is full of Grace."
The story of Lilly began in December 2004. The decision was made with my heart in an instant. Sometimes my head is still trying to catch up. I had taped an Oprah show not knowing what it was about. It sat on the tv collecting dust for many weeks. One night after the kids were in bed I popped it in to see what it was. There was Lisa Ling reporting on these precious little girls from China. I was riveted and before the hour was over I knew in my heart that I would do this. My husband came home from work and I told him he had to see this tape. We watched it together and a decision was made. I can honestly say that we have had more debate about what restaurant to eat at. It was gently snowing as we went to bed and I started to dream about who this child was and how things would unfold.

Fast forward 3 three years. Yes......three. We were originally told the wait would be 5-7 months after our paperwork was completed. However, that was not the case and each month turned into another and then a year had passed and then another year. It took us 10 months to complete our paperwork which included a microscopic view into every corner of our lives. Visits by social workers, notaries, certifications, medical exams, letters of recommendation, financial analysis, authentication of all paperwork at the Chinese Embassy in New York City and then finally we could turn our dossier over to our adoption agency for review and then onto China for translation and acceptance. Our login date is November 28,2005. This is the date that we were recognized by the Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs as a family petitioning to adopt. Then the wait really begins. The paperwork is over and now we just go about our daily life knowing that the hand of God is making the perfect match for this family. I have always known that each delay and twist in the road would lead us to the child that was destined for this family. It has been a true lesson in surrender.

We will embark on this journey of a lifetime at 6am November 29. Two years and one day after our login date. We will fly from Syracuse to Washington, DC and then onto Beijing. The flight from Washington is nonstop and is 14 hours and 1 minute long. WOW! We will arrive in Beijing on Friday November 30 at 3pm. Our bodies will do think it is only 2 in the morning but it will be almost time for dinner in China. I am so curious about how that is going to feel to our bodies and our minds. Our friend Sharlyn is traveling with us. She has been the "other mother" to our three older children and will continue this role with Lilly. We are excited and of course nervous at the same time. I am creating this blog as a way for family and friends to follow this adventure and feel like they are a part of it. Each one of you has played a role in making this possible and I am forever grateful to each of you.


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